To Chill or Not To Chill?

To Chill or Not To Chill?

To Chill or Not To Chill?

I prefer all of my wine chilled to some degree (aside from mulled wine, which I actually microwave) In my opinion, chilling wine helps bring out aromas and tastes better with food. Many experts agree and advise serving wine at various levels of chill. Do you agree?

We chill wine because it enhances pleasant flavors and aromas, such as floras and fruits, and stops heavier characteristics from becoming overbearing. For example, a slightly chilled high-alcohol wine will have less of a burning sensation than a room temperature one. Chilled wine also enhances the acidity in wine which makes it easier and more pleasant to enjoy with food.

Here is a list of wine ordered from most to least chill serving temperature:

Sweet wine
Sparkling wine
Light bodied white and rosé
Fuller bodies whites
Lighter bodied reds
Fuller bodied reds

Wine Fact:
Some people suggest serving fuller bodied wines at room temperature. Room temperature today is warmer than room temperature before heating and cooling came to our vents. Hundreds of years ago, when wine temperatures were established in France, room temperature was close to 57 - 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Today, room temperature is closer to 68 - 72 degrees Farenheit. For this reason I choose to enjoy all wines with some level of chill - and enjoy enhanced fruit aromas as a result.

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