Bienvenue! My name is Caitlyn Caroline.

I believe that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Through Caroline & Vine, I help you have the best possible wine experiences through education, sourcing, and events.   

Caroline & Vine Caitlyn Wiley

My wine journey began at home, sharing a glass of red with family. I love how wine brings people together, and I love how fun, interesting, and elegant this ancient drink is.

One day, out of curiosity, I began studying wine. Then I took on a part time job in the industry. My part-time fun job turned into my passion...and voilà! A professional wino was born.

I've worked in tasting rooms, retail shops, and restaurants. Customers always came to me with the same problem: they liked wine, but didn't know how to drink it or what to drink. I started Caroline & Vine to answer these questions, helping people have better wine experiences, which in turns leads to an overall better quality of life.

Through Caroline & Vine, I host events and teach curious consumers about wine. I make wine education relevant and practical through my blogs and curated wine lists. My wine services include vineyard tours, in-person tastings, wine dinners, menu curation, wine sourcing, and more. I have worked with private companies, charitable organizations, and individuals to solve their wine problems.

For your wine questions and needs, please reach out to me at contact@carolineandvine.com.