The Wine Lover's Gift Guide

The Wine Lover's Gift Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year! And if you're shopping for a wine lover, you're in good hands here. 

It can be stressful to shop for people that know so much about wine. How do you surprise and impress them without defaulting to gift cards (and without breaking the bank?) 

This shopping guide has your answers! Choose from a selection of ten wine accessories for every budget that will make your favorite wine lover feel appreciated and delighted.

1. De Long's Wine Maps of the World ($100)

It isn't possible to overstate the importance of geography in wine. De Long's wine maps are famous for breaking down wine regions into organized and easy to retain graphics. If you want to be on your wine lover's good list, invest in their education with a quality set of wine maps.


2. Wine Folly: The Magnum Edition ($20)

If your WL doesn't have this, they want it. Wine Folly is an authority on wine education because of their easy to digest videos and fun graphics. This book is a quick guide to wines by grape varietal and an essential in every WL's library.

3. Wine Suitcase ($330)

For the wine lover that just can't seem to stay in one place! This wine suitcase is perfect because it can hold up to eight bottles of wine, is very sturdy, and has a lock. It'll ensure that the wines are kept safe during transit.

4. Wine & Accessory Carrier ($50)

This insulated carrier makes it so easy to transport wine, wine glasses, and wine accessories without having to worry about broken glass.

5. Wine coolers ($100 - $400)

Whether they're storing six bottles on the countertop ($100), 12 bottles for a special dinner party ($250), or 24 bottles for a budding collection ($390) , wine coolers are the sleek, convenient, and efficient solution for wine storage and preservation.

6. Wine Notebook ($20)

Drinking wine is easy. Keeping track of all the vino? Nottttt so much. This wine book makes it easy for wine lovers to keep track of the wines they taste on their wine journey!

7. Elegant Decanter ($155)

For the wine lover that values presentation and elegance, this is the decanter to gift! Decanters have an important function in letting the wine breathe, but they're also beautiful to display and impressive to share when hosting.

8. Champagne Stopper ($25)

I literally cannot stop raving about champagne stoppers! Whether you're enjoying a glass with appetizers or serving sparkling wine to your guests, this champagne stopper does an excellent job of keeping the bubbles and wine fresh. 

9. Blind Wine Tasting Bags ($15)

It is so satisfying to identify wines without reading the label! These wine tasting bags are a fun and straightforward way to practice tasting and identifying wines based on taste, sight, and smell. 

10. Stylish Wine Chiller Bucket ($46)

This accessory is so great because it lets you keep a chilled glass on the table without it precipitating all over the table. And it has such a modern design that it doubles as a beautifully decorative piece.

What's your favorite wine accessory?

Happy Holidays!

*I earn commission on purchases made through links in this post. Thank you for supporting a young wine lover's journey!

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