Thanksgiving & Wine Food Pairings

Thanksgiving & Wine Food Pairings

Thanksgiving is all about bringing people together and reflecting on the year with gratitude. Such a wonderful holiday deserves to be enjoyed over a glass (or several) of great wine! While it's well known that thanksgiving food pairs well with gamay (or beaujolais) and zinfandel, below are five alternative wine pairings to try this holiday. 


1. Champagne & Everything

Perfect for last minute shoppers that want a no-fuss solution for the holidays, champagne is universally appealing and elevates every occasion.

2. Pinot Noir, Dressing, & Cranberry Sauce

Pinot noir is famous for its notes of cranberry and red fruit and its slightly spicy and earthy aromas. This complementary pairing will bring out the seasonings in your dressing and fruitiness in your cranberry sauce. As a bonus, pinot noir's high acidity will balance out the breadiness of your dressing.

3. Viognier & Turkey

This is, admittedly, a hot take. But hear me out! Viognier is acidic, crisp, aromatic, and delicate. It is a great match for turkey because turkey is usually a drier meat, no matter how much basting and marinating you do! Plus, viognier has floral and honey notes which help balance out the meaty, roasted, and herbal flavors of the turkey. 

4. Chardonnay & Mac

A lightly oaked chardonnay is an excellent match for mac and cheese. The wine has enough body to stand up to the dish, and it is delicate enough to not overwhelm all of the cheesy deliciousness of America's favorite side!

5. Pineau des Charentes & Peach Cobbler

Drizzle this cognac wine over peach cobbler and ice cream. Thank me later. Lol!


Which pairing would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Caitlyn Caroline

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Great pairing! Going to try those selections. Thanks!

William Green

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