How & What: Sweet Food & Wine Pairings

How & What: Sweet Food & Wine Pairings

How do you pair sweet food and wine?

Rule #1: Pair Sweet Food with Less Sweet Wine

How do you pair chocolate, ice cream, cake, and cookies with wine? Simple. Add a less sweet wine.

The key is to make sure that the food is sweeter than the wine. Any alternative will make the combination taste bitter.

For example, a sorbet can pair well with an off-dry wine, but chocolate can taste bitter and gross paired with heavy cabernet sauvignon - despite the famous pairing of red wine and chocolate.

Rule #2: Match Food & Wine Intensities

On one side, we have a silky and light sorbet with a silky and light German wine.

On the other, syrupy baklava with honey-textured Sauternes.

 When sweet wine textures align, you can fully experience the flavors and textures as one without the risk of a clash.

Sweet Food & Wine Pairing Suggestions

The Golden Rule: Drink What Tastes Good to You

Despite these lovely guidelines, the best pairing is always the one you prefer. So drink a lot, taste a lot, and record your impressions to learn what you like.

What is your favorite sweet food and wine pairing?

Comment below and let us know!

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