Welcome to Caroline and Vine!

Welcome to Caroline and Vine!

Caroline and Vine beverage pairing gift boxes were inspired by my love of wine and its amazing ability to turn any occasion into a celebration.

This fascination became an obsession after taking a wine 101 course. While learning about wine and food pairings, I shared my knowledge with friends and family and was pleasantly surprised by how much we all loved bonding over our favorite drink - whether it be wine, whiskey, coffee, or another beverage. 

Nothing compares to the joy of connecting over a good drink and I aspired to replicate these beautiful experiences for everyone to enjoy. From this aspiration, Caroline and Vine birthed organically.

Caroline and Vine beverage pairing gift boxes have everything you need to enhance your drinking experience. Shop our curated gift boxes for a stress-free experience or create your own gift. Select from glassware, accessories, food, and other items to create your ideal drinking experience such as candles, blankets, and books.

Through the Caroline and Vine blog and social media, I share insights related to wine and other beverages. I don’t know everything, but I’m excited to continue my journey with you. I’d love to learn what questions or interests you have so that we can explore them together. Share your ideas in the comment section and subscribe to Caroline and Vine emails for entry into a monthly giveaway. 

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to help you celebrate your most cherished connections.


Caitlyn Caroline Wiley


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